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Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of licenses on Swissbeatz are recording licenses. This means you are licensing the beats to use to record a new song and make a music video. While this is the case for most licenses, some licenses will include using the beat for other content like video.

If you are looking for licenses for sync or gaming, please contact us directly.

It's free to sign up and listen to beats, create playlists and engage on the platform. To license beats, every producer has their own set of pricing, license tiers and license agreements. Just browse our huge catalog, find your perfect beat and you'll be able to see all the pricing and terms before you make the purchase.

Yes absolutely. Sometimes you'll hear the Swissbeatz tag over the beats, and sometimes you'll hear the producer's own tag. These are just played while listening to the beats before purchase. Once you've licensed a beat, the watermark tags will be removed in the files delivered to you.

Some producers will keep one tag at the beginning of the track as their way of branding, this is normal and it's heard all over music these days - think "Mustard on the beat", "London on da track" or "Maybach Music".

This depends on the license tier that you choose. Every license will come with an MP3 file at the very least. Some licenses will offer WAV and Trackouts/Stems as part of their offering. You'll see exactly what files are delivered for a license before you add it to the cart.

Absolutely, we encourage it. Each producer will have their own terms of usage, but generally speaking they will all allow you to monetize the song you make with the beat. You'll just be required to register a publishing split between you and the producer so payouts are paid to the correct people. This publishing split is usually 50/50 but please check the license agreement before your purchase for all the details.

First you should figure out what kind of success you see yourself having with the song, and how many times you think the song will be streamed online. Next you want to think about what files you need to record your song, MP3, WAV and/or Trackout/Stems. Once you know this, you'll see all the terms for each license listed for you to easily choose a license.